The Alpha Delta Gamma Educational Foundation has provided scholarships for it's members for the past 23 years thanks to generous donations by our alumni. Five years ago, however, we were been able to award a second scholarship with donations directly coming from past recipients.

Over the years, the amount has fluctuated depending on funds available. For the first time in 2009, the Past Recipients Scholarship reached $1,000.00. The main scholarship has remained at $2,000.00 for the past five years. With your help, we can increase that for one worthy Alpha Delt Active! If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, you can do so by clicking the "Make a Donation" tab to the right of the page.

So what does all of this mean? Essentially, when an active applies, they are applying for one of two different scholarships. They both have the same application and guidelines. If you are an active, please take the time to print off the application and fulfill the requirements. It won't cost anything to apply! The deadline for the scholarship applications is June 15th of every year. Good Luck!

Scholarship Guidelines Document

Application Form Document

Past Scholarship Winners
2017 Duffy Baker III, Xi
2016 Matt Rancilio, Zeta
2013 Larry Rudolf, Zeta
2012 Anthony Pico, Lambda $2500
2012 Timothy Dulle, Zeta (Past Recipients Award)$1000
2011 Timothy Dulle, Zeta $3000
2011Christopher Smith, Kappa (Past Recipients Award)$1500
2010Christopher Smith, Kappa $2500
2010Kastriot Rexhepi, Psi (Past Recipients Award)$1000
2009David Skelton, Zeta$2000
2009Kastriot Rexhepi, Psi (Past Recipients Award)$1000
2008Thomas Roznovsky, Psi$2000
2008Jonathan Bell, Zeta (Past Recipients Award)$750
2007Caleb Finch, Rho$2000
2007Nick Radloff, Beta (Past Recipients)$750
2006John Nichlaus, Alpha$2000
2006Michael Krumtinger, XI (Past Recipients)$750
2005Jason McGill, Beta$2000
2004Tom J. Shakhnovskiy, Alpha$1000
2003William Phelan IV, Kappa$1000
1998Nicholas Kapper, Eta$1000
1998Nathan Lentz, Beta$1000
1997Anthony J. Pinto, Psi$1500
1996Sean Fannon, Kappa$1500
1993Gregory T. Schmitt, Beta$1000
1992Brian Hesse, Zeta$1000
1991Clay Parrish, Xi$1000
1990William Bond, Zeta$1200
1990James Miller, Beta$500
1989Robert Pauley, Epsilon$500
1989James VandeVoorde, Lambda$1000
1988Jeffrey Wyrick,Rho$500
1988Brian Vomund, Beta$300
1987James Narron, Zeta$500