Current ADGEF News


-By Brandon J. Willis, ETA ‘96

ADGef Seminars

Alpha Chapter active members assembled at their house this past November for an educational seminar hosted by Alpha Delta Gamma Educational Foundation. The guest speaker was Eta alum, Kevin Broeckling, who is a current Dean of Students at an Illinois college. The seminar was the inaugural ADGEF event.

Throughout the seminar Broeckling shared his past experiences with the men of Alpha, presented ideas and held discussions with them on how to improve fraternity relations with the university. He addressed ways in which a fraternity can become more active and how to promote a positive image on campus, ultimately emerging as a valued member of campus life in the eyes of the administration.

The Alpha men were engaged in discussions about campus leadership, while Broeckling shared his recommendations and offered suggestions from the perspective of a college administrator. Aside from the seminar, the active members were presented with the ADGEF Scholarship rules and application forms (presented annually at convention). The seminar and ensuing discussions lasted roughly an hour and a half, followed by lunch and cocktails, provided by ADGEF.

Broeckling, Dean of Students at Benedictine University in Springfield, IL, was a perfect choice to address the active members. An ADG from the 1990’s at Quincy University (Eta), Broeckling has worked in higher education for nearly a decade and offers a unique perspective as a fraternity member and current college administrator. In addition to Broeckling, alumni from Alpha and Eta were in attendance, as well as Mr. ADG, Wayne Palmer Ball.

The ADGEF educational seminars were conceived by the newly elected President of ADGEF, Mike Blackstock. When he began his leadership, Blackstock said that he wanted to “make ADGEF something better than it has ever been before.” He intends to host similar events across the country with different guest speakers for each event. The goal? “To make a difference by providing true educational experiences for every active.”

The next event is scheduled for Kansas City in February. Keep an eye out for an ADGEF seminar coming your way!

Dear Brothers:

I am extremely excited and honored to have been appointed President of Alpha Delta Gamma Educational Foundation this past year. I look forward to taking ADGEF to a new level that we can all be proud to be a part of. To accomplish that, I am looking for the support of alumni leaders from all chapters who would like to get involved. If you are interested in doing so, please contact me via my information below.

In assuming direction of the foundation, I would like to recognize those who are handing over the torch and have made the foundation what it is today. Charles Johnson (Alpha 1994) served the past four years as President, and he was preceded in recent years by Wayne Palmer-Ball (Xi), James Van de Voorde (Lambda) and Dave Macke (Rho). Thank you all for your countless contributions over the years!

ADGEF has taken some major steps recently. We have worked diligently to provide new experiences not only for alumni, but also for the active members of ADG. Among the highlights of just the past two years:

  • Our annual $2,000 scholarship has been awarded each year to a deserving active, and a second annual scholarship for $750 has been added.
  • Foundation officers have organized national conventions in cities where ADG currently does not maintain an active chapter (Atlanta in 2007 and Milwaukee this past August). This has provided a new experience, thus giving alumni a reason to come back to conventions to enjoy “something new.”
  • Hundreds of hours by countless alumni have gone into keeping the alumni directory updated and adding new alumni graduates each year.
  • The foundation has provided multiple speakers and educational lectures at conventions.
  • We have provided travel funds and scholarships for members of EACH chapter to attend a fall religious retreat hosted by our National Moderator, Brother Nicholas Wolfla.
  • We have updated our official history manual, with new copies distributed at this year's convention in Milwaukee – our first update in 14 years!

All of these and other programs are a direct result of your financial support and contributions. We continue to serve Alpha Delta Gamma through our national websites: and

Honoring Br. Smulders' Memory

All of you are probably aware that Br. Anthony P. Smulders CFMM, our National Moderator from 1980-2003, passed away earlier this year. Because of his devotion to ADG, and the fact that his loss has been so deeply felt by Alphadelts everywhere, ADGEF's Board of Directors has decided to honor his memory by creating the Br. Anthony P. Smulders Annual Fund, for alumni who wish to make contributions on a yearly basis in whatever amount fits their budget. If every ADG whose life was touched in some way by “Bro” over the years donated as little as $50 in recognition of what he meant to them, their family or their chapter, ADGEF would be well on its way to achieving the ambitious goals we have set… and what a wonderful tribute to Tony's tireless efforts on our behalf, and the abiding love he had for our fraternity!

The efforts of the past two years have been extremely successful. With your help, we can continue these programs for alumni and actives alike. Over the next year alone, we plan to update the website, produce a new issue of Alphadelity and launch a series of ADGEF educational seminars to be offered at every chapter.

But to do all that, we need your assistance to continue these efforts! Your annual contribution of $50 or more to the Smulders Annual Fund will enable us to continue to award scholarships to deserving undergraduates as well as provide programs at our national events each year. As always, your contributions to ADGEF are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law – please consult your tax advisor, and be sure to make your check payable to “ADGEF.”

I hope you will join your fellow alumni in helping to ensure ADGEF's continued growth and success. Please take a moment to fill out the donation form enclosed. I will ensure that your contribution goes directly to work on behalf of today's Alphadelts. We thank you for your continued support of the Alpha Delta Gamma Educational Foundation.


Michael O. Blackstock, Epsilon '95
Alpha Delta Gamma Educational Foundation