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ADGEF Visits Sunny Florida!
By Anthony “Twan” DeSantis, Psi ‘96

On January 23, 2010 ADGEF President, Mike Blackstock, visited Psi Chapter at Barry University where he presented a seminar on improving chapter relations with alumni. Psi Chapter was chartered on August 14, 1994 in Louisville, KY and has over 135 alumni. Since Psi Chapter is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014 the chapter is anxious to have as many alumni as possible return to campus to celebrate this milestone.

With over 90% of the chapter in attendance the brothers of Psi Chapter were excited to have the President of ADGEF on-campus. This was the first time in chapter history that someone from ADGEF had visited Psi Chapter. In addition to the brothers attending this presentation, a few local alumni were in present to show their support of the chapter and ADGEF. Under the new leadership of Mike Blackstock, ADGEF has committed itself to visiting each chapter to provide valuable information and educate the active members on what ADGEF can for them.

The presentation began with an overview of the ADGEF goals and provided each of the members with copies of the ADGEF scholarship information. Psi Chapter has taken advantage of applying for the ADGEF scholarship program and since 1994 four active brothers have received this scholarship. Psi Chapter has always been proud of its overall GPA and the brothers are always dedicated to implementing Scholarship in chapter events throughout the year.

Secondly, ADGEF President Blackstock spoke about the importance of choosing one important event which encourages alumni to return to campus. In the Fall semester, each chapter should focus on bringing alumni back for Universal ADG Night on the first Friday in December. Usually Psi Chapter tries to host their annual Holiday party during this event so the chapter and the alumni have a reason to get together. With many alumni living outside the area, it is important to update the chapter database and call alumni who can’t attend. In addition, the chapter should use e-mail reminders and Facebook invites to keep alumni informed of this event. In the Winter/Spring Semester, each chapter should focus on inviting alumni for Laetare Sunday. This is a wonderful way to remember alumni and implement the spiritual “S” of ADG’s five basic principles.

The chapter had numerous questions for Mike and the alumni who attended this presentation. Many actives don’t understand that alumni need advance notice (2 to 3 months) to plan on attending events hosted by a chapter. Mike talked about assuring that the chapter has up-to-date information on their website, Facebook account and provides its alumni with a current calendar of events in the beginning of each semester. Alumni are busy with their careers and family and it is very hard for them to attend an event on short notice. Being pro-active and assuring that one of the active brothers is dedicated to alumni outreach is very important. It is also important that each chapter have two or three alumni who can be used as key contacts. The alumni suggested that there should be an alumnus from every 4-5 years who is dedicated to keeping his group of classes updated on activites.


From left to right: Garfield Heron, Anthony DeSantis, Matt Berkshire, AJ Jordat and Mike Blackstock (click photo to enlarge)

Even if alumni don’t attend, it does not mean that they do not care. Make sure to send out monthly updates on the chapter so that the alumni know the chapter is continuing the traditions and bringing in new members each semester. Communication is key! Alumni stop caring when the chapter ceases to care about them. As Past National President and Founding Father of Psi Chapter, my network of Psi Alumni is very important to the chapter and I know that even though the alumni can’t always attend events, they like to hear how the chapter faring. Because of this event, the chapter was able to raise $265 in scholarship funds to send two active members to the National Convention in Kansas City, MO.

When the presentation ended, all the alumni and some of the older actives went out for dinner and were able to connect. This was an amazing event for the chapter and I truly appreciate Mike Blackstock and ADGEF for taking the time to visit my chapter. If ADGEF comes to your chapter, please make sure to take time out of your busy schedule to attend its program. The active members play an important role in alumni involvement, but it is also the alumni’s responsibility to actively seek out their chapters in order to assist them in their personal and professional development.

Remember when you were an active and when alumni came back to see you? Remember the impact it made on you as an active? Make sure to do the same for the actives who are seeking your guidance and history in the chapter. If you can’t make a visit to the chapter, send a small donation to ADGEF in the name of your chapter so actives can attend an ADG conference or convention. Never forget what ADG did for you during your college years and do the same for the actives who are seeking your wisdom. Always remember that “a brother who is helped by a brother is like a city walled”.

From left to right: Kody Lundell, Garfield Herron, Anthony DeSantis, Mike Blackstock, Nathan Boudreaux, Sam Gabriel, Matt Berkshire and Jacob Vela (click photo to enlarge)