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ADGEF President’s Message
Mike Blackstock, Epsilon

This has been a great year for ADGEF. We are very proud of the accomplishments the foundation has achieved over the past 10 months and look forward to seeing further growth in the coming year. We started by supplying the first printed copy of the fraternity’s history in 15 years. We also have a brand new website, ADGEF.com, a Facebook page, a Linked-In page and a Twitter page! ADGEF has seen great growth and increased involvement from around the country thanks to the wonderful technology that is available to communicate with alumni.

In October, ADGEF hosted the Alpha Epsilon fall retreat in Dallas, Georgia. The weekend event included actives and candidates from AE, Kappa and Psi. ADGEF President Mike Blackstock, and ADG National Officers Art Taylor, Matthew Berkshire and Nick Pritchard were also in attendance. The weekend provided a bonding experience between all involved and covered group discussions on chapter relations, leadership, candidacy, communication and education. The candidates also received t-shirts commemorating the experience.

This year also saw the implementation of the ADGEF Seminar Program. We believe the Foundation has numerous opportunities to provide for actives and alumni on a local level. In our first year, alumni speakers provided programs to Alpha, Zeta, Rho, Xi, Psi, Kappa, Alpha Epsilon, and Alpha Delta. A vast array of topics were discussed such as alumni relations, service, leadership, image, communication, and school involvement.


Alumni and actives from all of these chapters contributed countless hours of work to implement these events to which the Foundation is all too appreciative. Following each seminar, receptions were held to show appreciation for the local alumni who have supported the fraternity in past years. We are indebted to the alumni who took time to speak at the seminars including Steve Stevens (Tau), Bill Striker (Eta), Kevin Broeckling (Eta), Mike Blackstock (Epsilon), and Ely Elafante (Epsilon). We have already begun setting seminar dates for the Fall semester, which will be announced in the coming months. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at mblackstock@ADGEF.com.

The alumni data base is a continued work in progress. With the new “Update My Infromation” section on our website, we have increased our contact list by over 60% since December. It is improving weekly and allowing us to better serve and communicate with all alumni. If you haven’t visited the website, please take a moment to do so and fill in your information. You’ll also find links to all other ADG fraternity pages, past copies of the Alphadelity, an online version of the history, upcoming events, and more!

Finally, I want to stress that none of these accomplishments in the past year would have been possible without YOUR support. Your tax free donations to the Foundation have allowed us to increase the annual scholarships, provide educational material, update our history, start the seminars program, and increase awareness. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and certainly hope you will consider doing so again this year. Your donations are impacting each and every active in ADG this year and for many years to come. Thank you for your continued support!