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ADG President’s Message
Arthur N. Taylor, Kappa

It is difficult to find happiness in today’s world. Everywhere we turn there are stories of anguish, suffering, turmoil and disaster. The Gulf of Mexico is still mired in an environmental catastrophe of previously unheard of proportions. Wars continue to rage on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The economies of many countries, including our own, are rocked and shaky. Unemployment is still hovering near 10% in the U.S. alone. Earthquakes and other natural disasters seem to constantly target the poorest nations and peoples.

As far as Alpha Delta Gamma is concerned, we have had our own tragedies and setbacks this year. We have lost an active brother before anyone outside his chapter had a chance to know him. We lost another brother, known to many of us nationally, on active duty overseas. We have also lost a chapter for two years, one of our oldest. Another has been facing some difficulties with housing and the administration. Still another is on suspension, and there is talk amongst their alumni of shutting down for a while until they too can get their house in order.

And yet, there is still cause for celebration. Beta has swept the major awards of their respective Greek Council, along with picking up individual awards for some of their brothers. We have a new chapter in York, PA, Alpha Zeta. We have a re-founding of Theta colony, which will hopefully become a full fledged chapter before the end of 2010. Other chapters have seen their numbers double in the 2009-2010 academic year. There are definitely success stories to be shared and celebrated.

At the end of the Fall semester, I wrote to you about the most precious commodity that we have to offer, our time. Now, I ask you for another rare and very necessary gift that we all must share with our actives and alumni. This token might require even


more searching and digging to find, but it is as needed and essential at this time, more so than ever before: hope.

We need to instill hope in one another, in our chapters and our actives, in our alumni, and most importantly, in ourselves. There are many dark clouds looming on the horizon these days, both in regards to ADG affairs and in our own personal lives. Yet, times like these remind us of how important our brotherhood is; we recall the night we became part of this family and swore an oath never to forsake another brother in need. Sometimes, we need to remember to look after ourselves, too. So, I ask you, each and every one of you who reads this, to have hope. Believe in the clearing after the storms. Know that for every valley, there is a peak; there are also many pleasant things to be found in valleys. Learn lessons from the past and present, and use them to ensure a strong and healthy future. Come out of the darkness and into the light of another new day, armed and bolstered by the thousands of Alphadelts around you, those who have gone before us, and those with us now.

Hope is not enough, though, my brothers. We use this gift to inspire action in ourselves, that if we believe in a better future, then our actions will lead us there. Hope in action. That is what I believe is most needed today. Take strength from yourself, and from each other, and use that to enact wonderful and incredible things for the betterment of our great and noble fraternity. We are not going to let ourselves be pushed aside in the annals of history. We have many wondrous things in our future and we are not brittle enough to collapse at the sign of slight maladies.

Take courage, be strong, and share your inner strength with each other. Reach out to long lost friends and brothers from days gone by. Reconnect with them and share the good news about Alpha Delta Gamma. Find time to bring this hope to the active chapters and to your own personal lives. The more we show our inner fire to others, the more we will inspire greatness in them, as well as in ourselves. For at the end of the day, we are all great. We are Alphadelts. And we’re just getting started.