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A Word from the National Moderator
Br. Nicholas Wolfla OFM Conv, Kappa

Nick Wolfa During the last four years, I have had the opportunity to meet many of you. However due to the large number of alumni, have much work yet to do! By way of introduction, my name is Brother Nicholas Wolfla OFM Conv., a Franciscan brother who for the last four years has been honored to serve as the National Moderator for ADG. I have served as moderator for Kappa Chapter and currently I serve as moderator for the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at LaGrange College in La Grange Georgia. I hold my JCL from the Catholic University of America, where I was inducted as an honorary member on U night 2004 and where I hold the position of Chief Auditor for the Metropolitan Tribunal of Atlanta Georgia.

Having become a member of ADG on U Night, the evening holds a special meaning for me. It was, and is, the night that I personally celebrate my anniversary and my admission to a group of men whom I respect and who mean so much to me. Because I am a member of a religious order, I live fraternity and community twenty four- seven and will continue to do so as long as I live. However, when I first experienced ADG at CUA, I was impressed by the desire of the men in the chapter to embrace some of the communal values that have made my religious life so important to me. Primarily, I speak of the value of brotherhood, of commitment to something bigger than oneís self and to do so in a fraternity that is based at its core in spiritual values.

Now donít think that I am so naive that I believe we are a fraternity of saints. I know we all have our faults and, while we are in the middle of our undergraduate days, we have or had a tendency to let the ADG halo slip. Yet, I firmly believe that the undergraduate active years are preparatory to the real work of ADG. Our active years are developmental in nature and it is because of the fraternal experience that we have the ability to live outside of ourselves whether we have remained active as alumni or not. The results of the years of our activity have lent themselves to solid men, good fathers, loving husbands and men in various states and professions in life committed to a greater good. Truly ADG has become a foundational stone in our lives that supports so many varied lives, interests and good works.


In the same way, it is the alumni of ADG, throughout these eighty five years of fraternity, who have been the bedrock on which todayís actives continue to build. True, times have changed. Some of the traditions you may have experienced as an ADG may have had to change or be altered due to a different cultural or legal climate. What remains the same, however, is the quality of the men who join us and wish to commit to the values that we all embraced when we took the oath of initiation. No matter what changes have occurred, this is the constant of the ADG universe, fraternity as learned as lived through the Five Sís. This is the glue that holds us together and this is why we celebrate our unity on U Night and mourn our dead on Laetare Sunday.

This year, as in past years, it is important for us to recognize the roots of the Laetare Sunday celebration. Certainly as it has been celebrated as a day to remember those who have gone before us to the Chapter Eternal, but let us not forget the roots of the dayís importance to ADG, that being to remember our war dead. I would suggest that no matter what your political affiliation, that on this day we make a special effort to recognize not only all of our dead, but to remember our brothers who courageously took their place in defense of our way of life and made the ultimate sacrifice. I would also submit to you the importance of recognition of those alumni who are currently engaged in active military service. Truly this is a product of the values we espouse, giving your life for an ideal bigger than yourself, a selfless sacrifice of self. As an ADG, and as a veteran, I commend and support those of our brothers who are willing to give their all in defense of God and Country. And, I ask that each of you offer your appreciation and support as well.

My brothers, whether I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person or had not yet been able to shake your hand, I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and the active membership for what each of you has contributed to ADG. Through your lives you have and still provide support, advice, and fraternal correction and remain the foundation of a fraternity that is growing, building and moving outside of itself to affect the world in a positive manner. Without you it could never have nor will it ever happen.