Upcoming Events

National Convention
Hosted by ADG - Milwaukee, WI
Oct 10 2019
Founder's Day
Dec 6 2019
Check with local chapters for time & location


Alpha Delta Gamma History

The History of Alpha Delta Gamma is now online here. We will be able to update the information as it happens. Please take a look and enjoy our past!

We Are Looking For Some Help

ADGEF Seminars are being planned right now! We are looking for alumni with unique backgrounds that can tie into the 5 S's to help with the programs. Please let us know if you are interested in taking part. Email us at seminars@adgef.com and read more info in our news.

Are You Up-to-Date?

Another exciting convention has come and gone, and we now look to the Fall semester for Homecoming, Founder's Day, U-Night, and other great events. Can your chapter reach you with information about fraternal activities? Make sure your contact information is updated with your local alumni group, both school and chapter, as well as with our own ADGEF database. Use this link or the link on the right to update your contact information!

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